Saturday, April 29, 2017

I Apologized to Buhari's CSO In Order Not to be Killed - Punch Reporter Adetayo

Olalekan Adetayo, the Punch reporter who was expelled from Aso Rock by President Muhammadu Buhari's CSO Bashir Abubakar, in an interview on Friday explained that he had to beg Abubakar in order not to be killed.

Adetayo was expelled after he was accused of publishing news reports to damage the image of the presidency. Abubakar had in an internal memo said Adetayo apologized for writing the reports.

On Friday, Mr. Adetayo explained that he apologized in order to leave Aso Rock with his life intact.

“I needed to leave that place, and alive to tell my story,” Mr. Adetayo said. “At a point, he even threatened, saying, ‘If you don’t answer some of the questions I will raise now, you will not go home today.'”

“I begged him,” he added. “Not that I said that the story I wrote was wrong, but for me to get a leverage to leave that place.”

“And it worked.”

But the reporter later said that he didn’t apologise in his written statement to security officers.

“You must have read in his memo that I did not put any apology inside the statement I wrote.

“I wrote in my statement that I did not have any ulterior motive in writing those two pieces,” Mr. Adetayo said.

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