Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fayose: APC Chief Looted N13bn Found in Lagos House, NIA is Covering up for Him

Governor Ayodele Fayose has claimed that an APC chief owns the N13bn cash found in a Lagos apartment and that the federal government is trying to cover up for him through the National Intelligence Agency.

According to him, "this federal government seeming plot to protect the original owner of both the money and the apartment where it was found has further shown that the anti-corruption fight is political, selective and therefore a ruse.

“Some of the questions being asked are ‎,who is the owner of the apartment in which the money was found?, does the apartment also belong to the NIA?, if the apartment belong to the NIA, when was it bought and from whom,j f the apartment does not belong to the NIA, from whom and when was it rented?, how could a whistle-blower be aware of movement of money into one out of many apartments in a building without knowing the owner of the apartment, if truly the NIA was carrying out a “covert operation” as claimed, was President Muhammadu Buhari not briefed of the so-called “covert operation” when he took over power?, was the National Security Adviser (NSA), whose office controls all intelligence agencies, including the EFCC and DSS not aware of the “covert operation”?, was there any security presence at the vicinity of the apartment to suggest that it was being used as warehouse for over N13 billion cash belonging to the NIA? Does NIA need an unprotected apartment to keep such huge sum of money purportedly meant for “covert operation”?, how much was released for the so-called “covert operation”, how much has been spent and to who was account rendered up to date?

“As for me, the script being acted on this discovered cash is a cover-up that will mar the EFCC and the federal government. It is a movie well scripted for some alawada (comedians) but acted so badly.

“It is case of a dog that has been eating other people’s children to the admiration of its owner suddenly attacking the beloved son of the owner’s friend and they are now trying to cover-up the dog owner.

“It is a major test of the integrity of the APC federal government’s so-called anti-corruption fight, and the earlier the proponents of the cover-up plot come back to their normal senses and tell Nigerians who owns the apartment in which the money was found, the better for them.

He then listed several instances where the EFCC recovered funds from houses of politicians with no details of the owners released.

“As for this latest drama, which has boomeranged, even though we know that the APC-led federal government has the capacity to sweep it under the carpet like many others before it, Nigerians will have it on record that they are being ruled by a government of “the more you look, the less you see.”

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