Saturday, March 4, 2017

Peace Corps Commandant Wants Law to Stop Police From Arresting Nigerians Without Reason

The Commandant of the Nigerian Peace Corps, Dickson Akoh has called on the National Assembly to amend the extant laws of Nigeria's security agencies so that the police can be prevented from harassing innocent citizens unnecessarily.

Akoh was recently arrested by the police without reason.

“The National Assembly should come up with a bill to amend, if there is any existing law, that permits security agencies to pick innocent people, parade them, lie against them, and at the end, they would not have anything tangible against them," he said shortly after his release from police custody.

“It happened to us before in 2011, at the end, there was no charge before courts of law. The court discharged us from Gudu High Court, and held that, it was wrong for them to detain us for a long time and be asking for a withholding charge for a matter that is not a capital offence.

“What they are doing now is to prove to the whole world that they are working. Rushing into parading people unjustly is very sad. What are the evidences tendered against us? They only tendered my uniform, my official portrait that I have been using in the same office that some of them had come to visit and our flag. How does that constitute anything criminal?”, Akoh queried.

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