Friday, March 17, 2017

‘I told Meek I’ll never trust Nicki’ – Rick Ross spills he apparently wasn’t a fan of their relationship

Rozay rapped about it briefly on the new album's first song, 'Apple of My Eye'
This just tells us Rozay was never in support of Meek’s relationship with Nicki.

Rick Ross drops his highly anticipated album Rather You Than Me today, March 17, and the bawse had to weigh in his thoughts on Birdman and now, Meek Mill’s former relationship with Nicki Minaj.

The track ‘Apple of My Eye,’ is the album’s opener and its reminiscent sound allowed the rapper to look back on his friendship with Meek Mill, which may have hit a hitch when the Philly rapper was dating Nicki. 
‘I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki/instead of beefing with your dawg you just give them some distance,’ he says just a few bars in.

’We all make mistakes let’s not get too specific/like I rather be a killer than be a statistic.’ Rozay rapped about it briefly on the new album’s first song, ‘Apple of My Eye’

Nicki hasn’t commented directly on her breakup with the rapper, but speaks of love lost on her latest release, ‘Regret In Your Tears.’

‘Yeah, and they say big girls don’t cry/Baby I cried,’ Nicki sings. ‘The real ones don’t lie/Baby you lied.’ 
Rick Ross serves us the good ol’ Rozay we all miss in Rather You Than Me.

You might wanna go cop that.

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