Friday, January 6, 2017

VIDEO: Wife Of Zimbabwe rapper, Stunner exposes him for Sleeping with young girls

Olinda Chapel, the wife of Zimbabwean rapper, Stunner, has exposed the atrocities of her unfaithful husband. In the lengthy emotional video, which surfaced on the internet on Thursday, a distraught Olinda, in tears, claimed that her husband had been cheating on her with girls of younger age.

She also went on to claim that she has been behind the Stunner’s extravagant lifestyles and had got nothing good in return but pains.

'Stunner Desmond Chideme is an Ass, look at me; i’m a very hardworking woman, I work seven days in a week, for a man to start cheating on me, sleeping with 18-19 year old girls, is a shame. I'm disappointed in this man,' Olinda said, before revealing how she had been told countless times that her husband was an 'ass' and that she should leave him. Watch the emotional video below..

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