Friday, January 27, 2017

NLC Challenges Buhari: Address Nigerians If You Are Alive

The Nigeria Labour Congress has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to come out and address the nation so as to dispel rumour about his death. Since the President left the county for London, rumours have spread of the his ill-health and reported death. The presidency through his media aides debunked the reports confirming he is hale and hearty.

According to PUNCH, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, the General Secretary of NLC urged the president to put the rumour of his death to rest by addressing the country.

He said: “In the social media, stories circulate without confirmation; I think that the easiest way is to talk publicly to the nation because the citizens are concerned about their leaders’ whereabouts.

‘If there are those who orchestrated rumours and they are not true, the easiest way is for him to reach out to Nigerians through a public appearance and a statement.

“Nigerians have a right to be certain about the health situation of their President and the people who orchestrate rumours and unsubstantiated reports, one would wish for him to call their bluff by publicly addressing the citizens.”

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) however said since Buhari has duly handed over to the vice-president, it was unnecessary to be talking about his state of health except he fails to return at the stipulated time.

Mr. Bala Kaigama who is the president of the TUC said there was no need to make noise about it as the president would come back.

“Why do we have to make noise about this? He is coming back; if he were to go and stay for a very long time, it is a different thing. If we have patience, he will come back. We are just being unnecessarily demanding.

“This is somebody who demanded a rest and he has handed over the government to the Vice-President. So our concern is how the VP is handling it; but it his health that has become the issue of the moment.

“But we should allow the old man to have his rest. It is normal for somebody of that age to need rest from time to time. If he goes to rest that does not mean that government will not work now. Let the old man enjoy his rest.

“If he does not come back on the day he is supposed to come, that is when can talk, but for now, let’s allow him to have his rest, why does he have to come and address us? It doesn’t make any sense.”

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