Sunday, January 22, 2017

LIST of Agreements Jammeh Made With ECOWAS to Step Down as President

Here's a breakdown of the deals ex-Gambian leader Yahaya Jammeh signed with the ECOWAS, AU and UN.

  • ECOWAS to halt any military operations in the Gambia for the sub-regional body to continue the pursuit of the peaceful and political resolution of the crisis.
  • Jammeh should temporarily leave Gambia on January 21 to facilitate a peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the new government of President Adama Barrow.
  • Mr. Jammeh can return to The Gambia at any time he chooses in line with international human rights legislations and his right as a Gambian citizen and former president.
  • Countries that elect to host Mr. Jammeh and his family during the temporary exile period are not made to endure harassment, intimidation, sanctions and sundry pressures.
  • ECOWAS, AU, and UN to ensure that the dignity, respect, safety, security and rights of former President Jammeh, his family members and former cabinet members remain intact.
  • No legislative measures will be taken that would be inconsistent with the previous deal.
  • Jammeh's assets will not be seized by the new government.
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