Monday, January 2, 2017

Former House of Reps Speaker, Na'Abba Leads New Political Group

Former speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Ghali Umar Na’Abba, has become the head of ‘Siyasar Kano Ina Mafita’,a newly formed political group in Kano State.

Na'Abba speaking during the official launching of the political group, said the formation of the political group had become necessary, having taken into cognizance, the way and manner politicians were being deprived of their rights in all the political parties in the state. He said the sole aim of forming the political group was to seek a possible way out of the present situation faced by those deprived.

“We have seen the damage done to democracy in Nigeria for almost two decades now. And you will agree with me that the outcome of such damage done to Nigerian politics only spell doom for politicians.

“We have asked ourselves that for how long shall we fold our hands and watch things growing from bad to worse. It is time for us to unite and look for possible avenues to liberate Nigerian polity and Nigerian politicians,” he said.

Membership of the group, according to Prof. Sule Bello who is an elder of the new group, cut across all political parties with the aim of liberating all politicians from being politically deprived.

It is, however not yet clear whether the new platform is created to provide an alternative for the aggrieved ones in the existing movements in Kano State.

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