Monday, January 16, 2017

10 Reasons Why MMM Is Dying And Will Soon Be Dead

1. The Scheme is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme and all of them ALWAYS die. No exceptions.

2. Why do they ALWAYS die? Because the scheme stands on nothing and it's NOT a business. It's simply a way to lure greedy people out together with their money, reward the early joiners while the later joiners or those at the bottom of the pyramid weep and gnash their teeth.

3. Because the scheme is not a business, they simply share members' contributions among themselves. The total funds cannot and doesn't increase.

4. In the case of MMM Nigeria, the scheme has shared the monies of later joiners to other people. Predictably, no sensible person is willing to PH again.

5. There's no central accounts and there's NO way to know how liquid the scheme is.

6. There's is no central office and there is NO one to hold for the loss of investment.

7. MMM Nigeria couldn't cope with the anticipated withdrawals of December 2016. They simply shut down the system and promised to be back in a bigger and better way in January 2017.

8. Now they are back. You call that back? Really? Bigger? Better? Whoever believes this must believe that February has 31 days. Rather than pay everyone trying to GH, they've embarked on decisions that show CLEAR signs of distress.

9. Wake up Mavrodians. MMM Nigeria is in the throes of death. There is no enough money being provided by anybody to meet the GH requests. Those who were paid won't be foolish enough to put in the money again.

10. MMM is only back to milk more people. The Scheme will soon finally and totally kick the bucket. Milking More Mugus (MMM).

I thought Nigerians were smart but MMM has proved me wrong. I thought they were selfless but their MMM spirit says otherwise.

I thought they were sensible but their refrain of 'is it your money' says the opposite.

Insult me and get really whacked!

Posted by Yinka Ojo

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