Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why We Sacked 6% of Our Workforce – Exxon Mobil

Mobil Producing Nigeria has attributed the recent sack of some of its employees to the dwindled profitability in the company as well as the oil and gas sector globally in the outgoing year.

A senior official of the company maintained that only 6% of its global workforce was affected by the right sizing.

He said: “This has been a particularly challenging year for the oil and gas industry in general and for Mobil Producing Nigeria, in particular.

“The profitability of this ExxonMobil affiliate has been the worst in recent history. While costs are down, revenue is down by almost three quarter, even while the company has spent more than its earnings to see that its contractors and employees are paid. Some of the resultant effects on their business have included scaled down operations, reduced personnel, uplift project deferments and contract renegotiations’’.

Last week, Oil union picketed the Lagos headquarters of the multinational oil company over its sack of 150 personnel in its employ without due process and threatened to run down the company’s oil installations if it failed to rescind such decision.

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