Friday, December 16, 2016

What Nigerians are Saying About Discovery of Crude oil in Borno State

The federal government recently announced that crude oil has been discovered in Borno state.

Here's what Nigerians are saying about the issue:

Terna Anzamber “Crude oil is every where in nig. The one that is already in place for use what are we doing with it to better the life of an ordinary Nigerian? We should better stop making noise in this country about new discover of crude oil”

Izuchukwu Evangelist “Thank God so that the cheating and evil struggle for oil wells will reduce or stop. Citizens life will be preserved and ethnic religious rancour will be reduced to the bearest minimum. Let Nigeria know peace now even for one year. Thank you Jehovah God! However Nigerians and I will be highly disappointed if it eventually turns out a lie or fabble!”

Buhari Umar wrote: “And for those agitating for an independent state don't ever... Ever think because of these discoveries of oil in our site means we gon let you go. Never. Wallhi we will remain together. We were together when no oil was discovered in your side. United we remain and NO to Biafra.”

Ango Idris: “May it a blessing not a curse, may it benefits the depressed, dejected, dehumanised less privileges Nigerians, may corrupts elites not hijacked it for their self-centered & selfish interests, May it be source of rebuilding North East.”

Mohammed Danyerwa wrote: “For those ignorant idiots saying Nigeria can now be divided,t hey should know that nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 when the thought of oil didn't even exist and no one complained or protested of the unity then despite the fact some regions were economically advantaged.Oil was only discovered in 1956.So even if the whole oil should dry up nigeria will still exist and if we are to break up,its wouldn't be because of oil or any other resources.”

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