Monday, December 26, 2016

How Magu Can Still Become EFCC Chairman – Senate

Chairman of the senate committee on the Judiciary, Senator David Umaru has explained how Ibrahim Magu could be considered for chairmanship of EFCC.

He said that Magu’s confirmation has not been discussed at plenary.

Umaru said in Minna on Monday that “the issue of Magu was never voted on in plenary, so as far as I am concerned Magus’nomination was never rejected”.

“If somebody say it was rejected it was probably mistake, me, I have not voted. The senate operates by rules the rule is that this thing must be presented to us either by the committee or through direct interaction with the members in plenary non of this has happened”.

“The issue of Magu was discussed only in the executive session of the senate. It was not an issue discussed at plenary so anything done in the executive session is not the same thing as that done in plenary, so as far as I am concerned the issue of Magu, the consideration of his nomination was never considered by the senate”.

Senator Umaru who represents Niger East senatorial district in the senate disclosed that the matter has been referred to the presidency to “do due diligence ” because of the conflicting reports from the Directorate of State Security DSS on the matter”.

He said, “Now that they have that development from the DSS the matter was referred back to the presidency so that they can clarify the matter after which the senate will now consider it”.

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