Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas: Lagos Beer Parlour Operators Lament Low Patronage

Some beer parlour operators in Lagos have lamented over poor patronage this festive period.

The number of people, who usually relaxed and socialise at some bars and joints in the evenings, has reduced drastically at yuletide.

News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, who visited a beer parlour owner, Mrs Chioma Nwanze, lamented the fall in the number of customers this festive period due to the parlous state of the economy.

“Many of us are no longer making it because there is no money in town, yet the prices of beer from brewers keep on increasing.

“Soon, many of us may have to return to our villages because of poor records of sales in Lagos.

She said, “Sustaining our families is becoming a herculean task. There are rents and school fees to pay, in addition to feeding.”

Another pub operator, Mrs Chiamaka Chukwuma, said that not many people were coming out to booze these days.

Chukwuma added that in the past, he continued to sell till about 12 midnight at festive period but not anymore.

Some others who usually visit joints after work said that the purpose of doing so was to relax and get relieved of tension.

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