Friday, December 2, 2016

Buhari is Not The Right President for Nigeria- Wole Soyinka

Nigerian literary icon, Wole Soyinka, has stated that he's not surprised President Muhammadu Buhari is fast losing popularity among Nigerians 18 months into his tenure.

“There’s nothing surprising to me about his losing popularity, it should be expected,” he said in Johannesburg.

“People wanted change, that word was not just a slogan, it was a promise,” he said. “Fulfilling political promises when you take over the reins of power and you have to clean up a lot of mess, it’s not easy,”

“I was not particularly enamoured of the idea of a military person continuing — for heaven’s sake, it’s been too long,” he said.

“I feel very passionate that it’s about time that we eliminated the last vestiges of military control, of military representation. It’s as if there are no brains outside the military.”

Soyinka was a fierce critic of Buhari’s earlier term as head of state after taking power in a coup in 1983.

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