Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 Christmas Is Nigeria's Worst Ever: CAN Sends Message of Hope To Christians

Pastor Samson Ayokunle of the Baptist Church and President of the Christian Association of Nigeria has described the 2016 Christmas season as the worst ever in Nigeria’s history, adding that the economic situation of the country is comparable only to that of a woman in labour pains.

In an interview with Premium Times, the CAN President said Nigerians should be courageous at Christmas.

“In the bible, in Mathew Chapter One, we see how, after Mary was found pregnant, Joseph decided to trust in God. He decided not be vindictive, but leave everything to God.

“Let us leave the future of Nigeria to God. Let’s not try to be blaming one person after another", he said.

“Let those who have and are better off, take care of those who do not have. The poor will always be in our midst and it is God that gives power to get wealth. We have never had it this hard and tough, never in the history of Nigeria. Our naira has never been so devalued, since our independence. Those who never felt the pain of economy before, are feeling it; you can’t get foreign exchange for those whose businesses are linked with foreign exchange.

Even airlines are closing down. Television houses are not operating. We had a radio in my church but because of the problem with foreign exchange, we shut it down. So things are really hard.

“God is not taking us to 2017 to punish us. Nigerians will believe that with prayers and with the right advice to our leaders, as well as humility and the fear of God, which breeds selflessness, then 2017 would be better”, he said.

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