Thursday, November 10, 2016

Robert Mugabe's Words on Trump Presidency

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe is said to be happy to see ‘his friend’ Donald Trump clinged victory at the just concluded US Presidential election.

With ‘pro-Zanu PF conservatives’ now in charge of UK, Trump’s victory is another plus for Zimbabwe’s ruling party,, a Zimbabwe news platform is reporting.

After being rejected by Obama’s government, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is a relieved man following the election of ‘his man’, Donald Trump, as United States’ 55th President.

“Trump has a soft spot for pro Mugabe governments of Russia, Iran and Syria”, Zimnews said.

Mugabe’s love for Donald trump was first revealed by US lawmakers Chris Coons and Adam Schiff during a visit to Zimbabwe few months ago.

Upon realising that Democrats were not keen to remove sanctions, Mugabe told the America lawmakers that,“Once [Trump] is your president, you’ll wish you’d been friendlier to me,” according to Coons’ retelling of the encounter.

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