Tuesday, November 15, 2016

REVEALED: Why Dasuki Refused to Attend His Father's Burial Ceremony

Ex National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki on Tuesday was absent at the burial ceremony of his father.

According to reports, the detained ex NSA refused an offer from the federal government to be at the ceremony.

Sources close to him on Tuesday confirmed that he decided to stay in detention.

“Yes, it is true Dasuki opted not to travel. Dasuki has been in detention since December 2015. His lawyers and government’s counsels have argued several times in the courts and he has been granted bail.

“He told them that ‘look, three different High Courts in Abuja have granted me bail. The ECOWAS Court had also ordered my release and none was respected. So asking me to go to Sokoto for a few hours and return is not what I want’.

“Respect the court; let me go home. You have my passport, you can be following me secretly, I don’t mind. But following me everywhere with guns is a NO. If that’s is the case, thanks but keep the offer’.

“They were going to take him there like a common criminal. They have already whipped up sentiments against him. So he told them if he has to go see his people, he should go a free man not surrounded by armed operatives.

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