Monday, November 28, 2016

Only Tax Payers Will be Issued Int'l Passports - FIRS

The Federal Inland Revenue System, FIRS, has announced that Nigerians would start paying Value added tax before they are issued international passports.

“We did take a position and I believe it would be implemented in the very near future that before you get any services from the immigration department: renewal of passports etc, you’d have to show that you are a tax payer," Chairman of the agency, Tunde Fowler, stated this at the 136th meeting of the Joint Tax Board in Abuja.

“These things are normal all over the world, In an effort to serve Nigerians and Nigeria better," he said.

“People believe that payment of tax is a burden and I’ll repeat that you only pay tax on income and profits.

“So if you reside in Nigeria and you are benefiting from being a Nigerian resident, it is only fair that you contribute to the system that makes you enjoy that standard of living.’’

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