Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton: 7 Reasons She Could Be The Next US President

Who will be next President of The United States? Well, Americans will decide today. Here is a look at reasons why former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton may claim victory at the polls.

1. Donald Trump is so reckless and scary on economic issues: Donald Trump once suggested he would negotiate the sovereign debt of the United States. That is a default and has never been attempted in U.S. history. His recklessness on this is likely going to stab him at the polls.

2. Making History: The 2008 campaign was shaped in part by the historic opportunity to elect the first African American president, and in 2016 the prospect of the first woman president will certainly motivate many voters (men as well as women). Some Republican women and others who might not particularly care for Clinton are likely vote for her for this reason. The idea of a woman as president will do much to shape the election results.

3. Donald Trump's Hateful, Spiteful & Diminishing Comments on Women:
Donald Trump has a long history of being so nasty on the female folks. As The New York Times recently reported, he has a history of insulting, harassing, and demeaning the women who have worked for him and the women he has found himself around. When he felt Fox News host Megyn Kelly had unfairly questioned him, he blamed it on her menstrual cycle. He also retweeted a tweet calling Kelly a “bimbo.”

The insults he has levied at various women include: “slob, “dog,” “grotesque,” “unsexiest woman alive,” “fat, ugly face,” “disgusting.” He once told a contestant on his reality show, “It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” a thinly veiled reference to oral sex. During a deposition, a lawyer requested a break to pump her breast milk for her baby, and for this Trump called her “disgusting.” Regarding Trump’s philosophy of women, the man himself claimed: “You have to treat ‘em like shit.”. This stain may not help Trump near the White House.

4. Clinton Is More Experienced Than Trump:
Donald Trump has never once served in a government job of any sort. He would perhaps fail in pushing his agenda or relating with the congress. Clinton has served in federal capacity for many times in her life. How would Trump negotiate with Congress to see his agenda pushed forward?

5. Trump Has No Respect for Racial Minorities:
 Donald Trump seems to have no respect for racial minorities. Not only has Trump said on Twitter that blacks and Latinos commit most crime in America, but he’s also on record saying that we should be giving Europeans access to America and a path to citizenship, but not Latinos south of American/Mexican border.

6. He’s gone bankrupt four times:

On four separate occasions, Donald Trump has intentionally gone bankrupt, later claiming that those bankruptcies weren’t failures on his part, but strategic business decisions to help him make more money. So at best, he’s lying and bad at business, but at worst, he’s intentionally manipulating the system for personal gain. Will he know how to handle US economy?

7. Clinton Is Horrible; Trump Is Worse: 
None of both candidates seem flawless but Trump Presidency seem dangerous and may spell doom for the United States.

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