Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 Cardinal Promises of Governor-elect, Akeredolu To Ondo People

The Ondo state governor-elect, Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu has promised to turn around the state.

Here are are his cardinal promises to the people of Ondo state


Food Security The government under my leadership will ensure that there is a marked departure from the current practice wherein farmers are dumped and forgotten in obscure centres in the rural areas and are brought out periodically for photo sessions to score cheap political points. We shall take the issue of farm settlements as a top priority.


Qualitative Education The state of education in the country today should ordinarily excite disquiet. Our state which used to be a reference point in the past has also slipped, regrettably, into the league of educationally disadvantaged states. This is tragic indeed. The State, under our administration, will make education free and compulsory at primary and secondary school levels.

Economy :

The state will initiate policies that will encourage less dependence on revenue allocation from the centre progressively. It is ironic that our state which contributed immensely to the economic growth of the defunct Western Region is almost helpless without the hand-outs from the Federal Government.


Our administration shall establish a TECHY VILLAGE in the three Senatorial districts of the state in a public-private partnership arrangement. The taking off of these villages will be of immense assistance to our artisans. In addition to the acquisition of new skills, they will be able to update their knowledge in their chosen vocation. The government on its own part …


Environment/Infrastructure Management - Our administration will take the issue of the environment very seriously. Our roads, hospitals, drainages, markets and other public utilities shall be fixed and managed to derive maximum benefits. The local governments will be encouraged to partner with the state in this regard.

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