Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 Reasons Why Shy Guys Find It Difficult To Approach Ladies

We have guys that are too shy of approaching a lady in a place, including me sef.

Though, there’s no how you won’t have a doubt of mind before approaching a lady but shy guys do think and do the unexpected.

Sit back and enjoy the Reasons why shy Guys find it difficult to approach a lady.

1. Awareness Of Body Flaw

Shy guys keep counting their bodly flaws, then they can’t never make it, as far as talking is concerned.

They do keep thinking of how short or thin they look or certain flaws they feel their body have, that made them feel shy and find it difficult to approaching a lady.

2. Waiting For The Right Moment

A perfect moment that never comes.They do keep waiting for the perfect moment they’ll easily approach her.

There’s hardly anything as a perfect moment, and shy guys who keep waiting for the perfect moment would never get it right.

3. Fear Of Rejection

The fear of rejection is one of the many reasons shy guys find it difficult to approach a lady.

To these guys, it’s better to remain where they are than to be rejected.

4. Bad Experience

Almost every guys that’s shy with ladies has had at least one bad experience with lady that have even made him enter his shell the more.

A lot of previous bad experiences add to make shy guys scarced to approach a lady.

5. Fear Of Not Knowing What To Say

To guys like this, they find it difficult to think what to say to a lady after approaching her.

In their mind before approaching that lady— the music that plays in their head is; “What If I Go There And Don’t Know What To Say?”.

6. Lack Of Confidence

A lack of confidence would unable them to do anything.They do forget that confidence makes them look attractive.

Last buh not the least.

7. Afraid Of Being Getting Slapped

This is very common among shy guys.A smart and confident guy shouldn’t be afraid of getting a slap from a lady he wants to approach unless you step beyond your boundary.

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