Monday, May 30, 2016

4 Important Lessons From Buhari's Democracy Day Speech

On Sunday, President Muhammadu Buhari delivered his first Democracy day speech. To some the speech was inspiring, to others it was bland.

Here are 4 things i learned from Buhari's Independence Day Speech:

1. The President didn't do his homework

Muhammadu Buhari just wanted to be President because he has always felt that he is ''the only man for the job''. He made no effort in preparing himself to govern Nigeria.

2. Buhari is not ready to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong

One year after, his inauguration the President is still playing the blame game. He's not prepared to take responsibility for anything even the padding on his own budget .

3. Buhari is a yesterday man

The President has no fresh idea. He has no no clue on how to tackle the economic mess facing his administration.

4. Nigerians will pay more tax

President Buhari announced the launching of the ''most ambitious social protection programme'' in Nigerian history during his speech. The question is ''who is going to fund it?'' - the already broke government or the almost depleted middle class?

Written by Juliana Okon

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