Sunday, January 31, 2016

James Ibori May Have Married This Lady As A Second Wife (PHOTOS)

Having taken what many call a sabbatical leave from the social hub, Senami Sosu, the last known mistress of Chief James Ibori, made a surprise appearance some days ago when she shook off the setback that had been her lot and celebrated her birthday in company of her friends in grand style.

The fair-skinned University of Lagos graduate had vanished into thin air ever since her lover, Ibori, ran into troubled waters with the law and was subsequently incarcerated by the government of the United Kingdom.

It would be recalled that Senami was discovered and raised from obscurity to prominence by the former governor of Delta State. Her ascent the social ladder was further amplified by his deep pocket and enviable social capital.

In the wake of her lover’s ordeal, many wrote her off as a spent wannabe whose influence had waned and evaporated in the whirlwind that consumed Ibori; others however, speculated that the fair-skinned lady must have left the country after security agents beamed their searchlight on her because of her closeness to Ibori.

But all the speculations were laid to rest during her birthday shindig which attracted a host of well-wishers with whom she partied all day. The sight of Senami belied that of a lady who had been through any kind of misfortune as she elicited infectious happiness and gaiety. The only one missing at her birthday celebration was her heartthrob, Chief Ibori.

At the backdrop of her re-emergence in the social scene, speculation abound about the true story behind Senami’s name change; the question on everyone’s lips, is “Did Ibori truly make a decent woman of Senami by marrying her legally from prison?” Now that she is being addressed as Mrs. Senami James-Ibori, does she occupy the rightful place of Ibori’s better-half before society and the law? Why is she using Ibori’s name while the latter has a wife?

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