Thursday, January 28, 2016

5 Types Of Lagos Women You Should Never Mess With

Lagos women are some of the most desirable female folk everyone wants to associate and be with. They radiate a sort of goodness that makes you want their company. They are some of the best women you want to be with only when you are good though.

Lagos women have transcended the weaker vessel tag that some people think they carry and feel they can do anything they like with them. There are some women in the city you would not want to treat as second class citizens.

This calibre of women can spit fire if you don’t know where you belong so be careful when you engage them.

Market Woman

A Lagos market woman is an embodiment of good and otherwise.

These women have a rare charm of attracting people to them in a bid to sell their goods. Every buyer whether new or old is considered a lifelong customer and they joke and laugh in a bid to win the heart of their buyers.

Behind this façade is a viper in waiting if you overstep your boundary.

These women can out talk and tongue lash the hell out of you if you don’t know your place. If they find out you are not interested in buying their goods but only interested in wasting their time, you will be hassled out of the market. Trust other market women to add to the injury!


Lagos landladies usually project a calm attitude but you cannot afford to take the demeanour for granted. If a Lagos landlady tells you she does not tolerate untidiness, you can’t afford to do otherwise. If you do anything contrary to what your land lady wants in Lagos, you are going to regret every second you spend in that house.

Police Woman

The police seem to be the least feared Force in Lagos but never mess with a police woman. The fact that she is a police and a woman is the reason you should be careful with what you say or do around her. If not you would be forced to bit the dust and spend quality time behind bars if you are not careful. Never joke with a Lagos policewoman as they are ready to put you in your place if need be.

Woman Behind Wheels

There seems to be a spirit that controls Lagos women when they are driving. Forget that you know her as a cool calm lady. As soon as she gets into her car, you won’t want to try any nonsense. If you brush her vehicle and do not apologise quickly, you might be inviting trouble. If you know what is good for yourself, don’t overtake her without being sure you won’t be forced to pay for damages.


Anybody in the position of authority deserves respect especially in Lagos, if the person is a woman; the person deserves extra respect coupled with a tinge of fear. Female bosses do not have time for a second chance. You make an error, you are gone.

There is no time for any silly excuse as they expect near perfection from you. If she does not like your face or style, you are going to climb a mountain trying to please her. Be careful therefore when you are dealing with a female boss.

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