Thursday, January 28, 2016

21 Embarrassing Things That Happen To Girls With Big Boobs

Are you heavily endowed upstairs? Unless you did bosom enlargement, consider it an asset and a gift from God. However, the following are some experiences you will be having on account of your tonne of mammary glands:

1. You’ll have deep cleavage and you sure can’t help that.

2. Hugging becomes clumsy because your boobs reach the other person before your arms do.

3. You grasp your boobs to stop them from bubbling up and down anytime you run up stairs or down stairs.

4. You lose snacks in your cleavage and only find them later when you take off the bra.

5. You struggle to minimize attention to yourself when you go in briefs at the beach.

6. Seat belts become inconvenient and seem to choke you.

7. You find yourself always defending your boobs because people ask if they are real.

8. People adjudge you as pushing your melons at them when you speak to them.

9. You get embarrassed at work because you try to look nice but your buttons keep popping open.

10. Your Tips show off themselves as visible when you don’t intend them to.

11. You’re bound to harm yourself even though your boobs seem to be your main selling point.

12. Putting on a sports bra becomes essentially impossible and a workout in itself.

13. You’ll always spill things on yourself, and when you do…it will be on your boobs.

14. Your bras work so hard to hold up your boobs to the point of making permanent indentation marks in your shoulders.

15. You will always feel it is necessary to deduct the weight of your boobs from the scale reading to obtain your real weight.

16. Suddenly jumping up and down for joy becomes embarrassing to you.

17. You immediately lose sight of the TV as soon as you lie on your back.

18. Wearing long necklaces becomes useless because you lose them forever in your cleavage.

19. You will wear cute shoes, but strain to see and admire them.

20. You’ll complain about your big boobs and the associated problems, but still prefer them to smaller boobs.

21. You always find yourself being rated against the immense size of your boobs.

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