Friday, December 25, 2015

Shiite Muslims Started Boko Haram in 1997 - CSO

According to Muhammadu Idris, the President of the Human Rights on Non-Violent Initiative, Islamic Movement in Nigeria also known as Shi’ite are the source of Boko Haram in the country.

The Civil Society Organisation president, speaking in Kaduna on Thursday commended the Nigerian Army for its role in the recent clash between the Army and Shiite. He added that they were the remaining tool to defend democracy, peace and unity of the country.

“Boko Haram started by the Shi’ite group in 1997, the Shi’ite group is the source of Boko Haram if you go back in history, it is documented, some of them fled to Maidiguri, hide somewhere and regrouped where they later became a terror, fighting government and killing both civilians and military, destroying property and raping innocent women.

“I as an indigene of Borno state from the town of Maidiguri can say that, the change we have seen in our area with the coming of the present administration is more than 100 per cent and the Nigerian Army deserves a Diamond medal, if a terrorist group that started in 2009 as documented

“What happened in Zaria, Kaduna state, is a proven testimony that the military has the adequate intelligence and more informations a, bout happenings in the country. Any group who does what the Shi’ite did is not threading the part to peace and progress of this country.

“We as Nigerians, are under one constitution‎, the Shi’ite group were trying to create violence when they attcked the convoy of the COAS and we appreciate the quick action taken by the Nigerian Army and pray that the group is brought under control because we believe our country is now on focus.

“‎We support and throw our weight behind the military authority on any action they decide to take against the Shi’ite or another other group aiming to bridge the peace and unity in the country.

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