Friday, December 25, 2015

12 Fascinating Health Facts You Must Know To Get Healthy

Here are twelve basic get healthy facts you should know, because they could improve your health.

1. Working out in front of a mirror will make you exercise more faster and your work out easier. That's probably why gyms have mirrors everywhere, I don't know.

2. An overgrown beard has the same type of bacteria that is also present in a hairy armpit. Which means they could both smell the same. Always try to keep a clean beard If you want to keep one.

3. Do you know that our body can produce aspirin? When you regularly eat fruit and vegetables, benzoic acid present in the fruit, helps the body produce salicyclic acid. Which is a key component of aspirin. It also has the same pain relieving effect as aspirin.

4. The chances of getting a heart attack increases during Christmas and new year
celebrations . I feel that this is probably due to the stress and anxiety that it brings. Maybe also due to the noisy and loud knockouts and fireworks too.

5. According to a study by the great Harvard university. Patients who prayed often and were prayed for, recovered faster. Prayer helps a lot, so get spiritual.

6. A warm, nice hug will improve your heart and lower your stress hormone level. Always look for opportunities to get a hug from a loved one. It will also help your emotional health.

7. Your kitchen sink is going to be more dirtier than your bathroom. They will be millions of diverse groups of microorganisms present there. So clean up!

8. If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol during the period of her pregnancy, the chances of her giving birth to a deformed or abnormal baby increases. Avoid any alcohol intake during pregnancy.

9. Lycopene and vitamin E are the two most powerful antioxidants, that helps prevent cancer. Lycopene is present in tomatoes, while vitamin E is abundant in nuts and cereals. But do not take it excessively.

10. Risk factors in breast cancer include high levels of insulin and low levels of sleep hormone, melatonin.

This simply means that overeating and lack of sleep will increase the possibility of having breast cancer.

11. When you skip breakfast in the morning, you could end up doing nothing productive the entire level. Breakfast in the morning is like your first and main fuel for the day.

12. Putting on uncomfortable shoes and high heels, will have adverse effects later in life. They stress your joint and make your ligaments sore. Make sure you always put on free shoes.

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