Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Woman Disarms Thief Who Tried to Rob Her, Gives Him The Fight of His Life (PICTURED)

A female NTA reporter in Benin, Edo state has given an armed robber the fight of his life when the latter held her at gunpoint with the aim to rob her.

According to New Telegraph, the woman gave the robber (Stanley) the fight of his life and succeeded in collecting his locally-made pistol from him.
The suspect was thereafter handed over to policemen from Oba Police Station, and have mentioned names of his gang members. Five of them have been arrested but the gang leader is still at large.

The newscaster, who wished to remain anonymous, said she went to Benin from Lagos, for a wedding when the incident occurred.

“I was cleaning the car when I heard someone ordering me not to make a noise. He had been hiding behind my car all this while.

"He had a gun with him. He said I should take him inside the house and give him money. I begged him not to shoot, that I will give him the money. I also appealed to him that my sister, whom I lodged with, is heavily pregnant.

"I told him that my sister may go into force labour at the sight of the gun. He was not interested in my pleas. He held the gun to my waist. As we got close to the entrance of the sitting room, I summoned courage.

“I screamed Jesus! I did not know what came over me, but I suddenly turned and grabbed the gun.

"I struggled with him and turned the gun to his chest. He bit me. I bit him back. As we struggled, we reached where my car was parked. I screamed and started calling for help. My brother in law ran out. He attacked the robber and kicked him until he fell flat on his face.”

Residents of the area were attracted by the shout and joined in wrestling the gun from the suspect. He was eventually beaten up mercilessly.

Speaker later on, Stanley said he never expected things would pan out the way they did.

“It was my gang members that gave me the gun. I targeted the house because I thought I could rob people living there successfully. I entered the compound by jumping the fence. I never expected that the lady would react by grabbing my gun. I planned the operation in my house. I entered the compound around 2am.”

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