Saturday, October 31, 2015

See Buhari's Reaction To Amaechi’s ‘Discrimination’

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his government and Nigeria cannot afford to pay forty two ministers and not all nominees that have been screened will have portfolios.

He further went ahead saying, the country has been ‘materially and morally vandalized’ and that will make him reduce the numbers of ministries. Buhari disclosed this in an interview with Channels TV and Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, in New Delhi, India.
The president also spoke about working with certain people introduced to him and answered a question thrown at him over why he thinks the National Assembly is divided over Amaechi’s ministerial confirmation. Hear him;

‘This is team work I said I know people but there are people that I accept from other people in our team that I trust without even knowing them. May be those that are having problems in the National Assembly I doubt if I have met them in my life but then I am working with others. I did not work into the presidency alone. I have to depend on all the three tiers of government from all part of the country,’ he said.

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