Saturday, October 31, 2015

Olumba Olumba to Celebrate Birthday With 144 Virgins

Leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba Obu will celebrate his birthday, scheduled for November, with 144 virgins, National Mirror reports. 

It's believed that the 144 virgins will organize a lavish banquet for their father in the lord, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, to mark his birthday which would be centered on “World Peace” at the Headquarters of the organization in Calabar. 

Chairman Planning Committee, Dr. Goodnews Brownson, said that this year father’s birthday celebration is earmarked to impact much on the less privileged like orphans and prison inmates, and award scholarships to indigent and intelligent students to pursue undergraduate programmes at the nation`s tertiary institutions.

Brother Goodnews maintained that Obu`s birthday marking would attract dignitaries from the Nigeria`s entertainment industry like Nollywood stars, captains of industries, business tycoons, academic icons and religious adherents from various denominations.

According to him, top on the agenda would be welfare visitations which had been packaged to bring succour to under privileged people, adding that Olumba would use the opportunity to consolidate on his support to orphanages and prisons, including scholarship awards to indigent people.

The Planning Committee Chairman enumerated Obu`s strides to include establishment of orphanage called Mother Theresa`s Home (The Redeemed Home) where he is catering for over one hundred children and Brotherhood colleges in Nigeria including some economic ventures to support them.

Dr. Goodnews maintained that the event will create a platform for friends and associates of Olumba Obu to dine with the father.

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