Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Husband Is Refusing To Sleep With Me Bcos of What I Did

African men are used to having more than one wife, Oyinbo men are used to marry and divorce as many times as they like; that is polygamy in disguise. So ladies, if your man agree to marry only you, then you just need to be satisfying him for the good of your marriage. Read this lady's cry below

I got married precisely a year ago, if am to rate my marriage so far I will give it a B not until recently. My husband is a man that loves s*x to the core and I give it to him anytime anywhere infact we practically have s*x everyday. 
But 2 months ago my hubby as usual demanded for s*x but because I was just not in the mood I told him "NO".

 Ever since then my husband became strange to me, he hadly talks to me, hardly eat my food and have bluntly refused to have s*x with me again.
I have begged, apologized, done everything humanly possible to get my husband back, yet none worked. I need help!

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