Friday, October 30, 2015

My ‘High Libido’ is Keeping Men Away From Me, I Need Help!

I have been following this platform for quite sometime now. I enjoy reading about the problems of other people not because I am glad they have them but it widens my horizon about life and I draw stringent lessons from them.
I also have a lot on my plate which is hard for me to consume. I am a 36-year old woman of Yoruba descent currently single. My unwarranted urge for sex has intimidated many of my lovers who have capitalized on flimsy excuses to opt out of the relationship. I am fully aware something is wrong with me but when events play out, I lose control of my caution buttons.

My problem started when I was severely raped by a gang of 4 fierce men at the tender age of 14. The awry event took place at the Ebute Metta area of Lagos one fateful night when my mother sent me to purchase some items at the Oyingbo market which was close to our house then. It is an unforgetable experience as my clothes were torn into shreds with blood dripping down my legs. I watched my rapists disappear into darkness without any punishment.

Neighbours sympathised with me but that the situation was irreversible. A year later, my sexual consciousness woke up. I started by sleeping with a National Youth Service Corp, NYSC member in the neighbourhood from Calabar, Cross River state, a light-skinned young man in his twenties. He was like a sex machine. I would dedicate a couple of hours of sex drill to him like it was my academics and he played his role perfectly well.

At the point, he lured me into sleeping with his other colleagues who would take turns on me to my delight. It was fun to me but I never knew the implications. My reputation was strongly dented in the neighourhood and every man wanted to have a taste of my public honeypot. As a beautiful young girl who is adequately blessed with the right shape, height and attractive features, I became the most sought after girl that was patronized my men at a very popular beer parlour around my street then.

I was always rewarded handsomely with cash by my numerous men. Money wasn’t my motivation but the pleasure of feeling that tough object in between my legs. I can’t do without sleeping with at least two men in a day. I get turned on by virtually anything masculine. My greatest challenge was at the NYSC camp in Katsina state where I was forced to stay without sex for three weeks.

I got hold of two male corper friends who consented to sleeping with me in a nearby bush. Yes! I mean in the bush. I cried in my heart due to shame but I was out of control. The guys were so excited to have a field day with a beautiful lady like me all for free. A soldier later nabbed us in the act. I felt like committing suicide on that fateful day. He was quick to join the guys in the act as his bribe to conceal the occurrence from constituted authorities.

In summary, its impossible to satisfy me on bed. I could hit it with my man from the first day of meeting him up to 7 rounds in a day. This has made me so cheap. After every encounter, the suitors take their permanent leave after a week of dating me. I wish to stop but it is hard for me. I have taken several measures and they are not working. I have a feeling I am under a spell.

I want to put my past behind me and settle down in marriage. My current lover is already showing signs of taking the exit route for obvious reasons. I love him so much. I am not getting any younger and I want to be his wife.

Please share some words of advice with me.

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