Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fela Slept With Me More Than His Other 26 Wives – Kevwe

On the wings of the 2015 Felabration that just ended in Lagos, one of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s wives, Kevwe, speaks with Tope Olukole about her life with the late Afrobeat musician. She boasted of being the late legend’s favourite among the other 26 wives with other interesting revelations.
Read some excerpts from her interview:

How did you meet Fela?
I used to take food to an uncle of mine known as Gabriel Okpaku who had a recording studio. I would take the food to him there. One day, when I got to the studio, he locked me in the dark room and walked away, leaving me with Fela who was visiting him at the time. I had sex with Fela that day. Later, Fela said he wouldn’t like me to live in the same house as his boys in the Mosalashi area.

He took me to his first wife, Remi, who was Femi’s mother. The first day I saw her, I was shocked because she was very light and her hair was as long as that of a white woman. Fela left me in her care and asked her to take care of me. I told her everything about myself and she said that if I should take her word and be like a daughter to her, there would not be any problem.

Which year was this?
That was in 1972. He had just recorded the popular album, Shakara.

Did you eventually marry Fela officially?
Yes, I did. I was one of the 27 women Fela married in one day. His friend took us to his house first before we were taken to a high court for the wedding. The people at the court said we were underage and that Fela should be arrested for even thinking of luring us into marriage.

After you got married to Fela, what happened?
After the marriage ceremony, we went to Ghana for the honeymoon.

All the 27 wives?
Yes, all the 27 wives with Alex Conde, the one that married the late Chief Okotie Eboh’s daughter. He took us to Ghana for the honeymoon and from there Fela brought other girls. The other wives were always jealous because Fela paid a lot of attention to me. Fela used to tell us to smoke marijuana or he would not accept us as his own people.
She also spoke about how Fela made it mandatory for his wives to smoke marijuana as a strong criteria of belonging to his circle. She dispelled rumours that she used diabolical means to win Fela’s heart.

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