Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Robbers Raided A Home In Abuja And R*ped Two Teenage Sisters

Armed robbers reportedly invaded the home of Mr Folusho Joseph in Abuja, in the wee hours of Monday.

The three-man gang carted away with valuable goods worth hundreds of thousands and also raped the two daughters of Mr Joseph at gun point.

According to Mr Joseph, the robbers gained entrance into the building by scaling the fence, through the front door which he forgot to lock at about 2:30am.
He was watching a movie when they suddenly entered with their guns pointed at him.
He said, “They took our phones, money and other valuables but that was not enough for them, they all had canal knowledge of my two daughters who are both less than 20. It was a very painful experience, I just hope it doesn’t result to pregnancy or other health issues,” he said.
Mr. Folusho stated that the two girls would be taken to the hospital for test, adding that the case would be reported to the police.

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