Sunday, September 20, 2015

5 Benefits Of Sleep To Your Health

People tend to ignore the fact that sleep has various health benefits to their body, thats why they give themselves little or no sleep and suffer from insomnia. Lets see the benefits your body derives from sleeping.
  •   Sleeping Improves the Brain - researchers found out that an hour of sleep in the day time improves your brain cells, thus making it to function well and to retain memory. Well speaking from experience, whenever am stressed up, my brain will be so nervous and restless but whenever i have slept well both in the siesta and in the night, it calms down my brain and makes me read and understand very clearly.
  •   Your Body Recovers Its Lost Nutrients - when you give yourself a sound sleep, your body recovers what it lost due to the stress or hard labour and improves digestion.
  •   Sleeping Makes You Gain Weight - some people keep on complaining why they are so skinny and thin and have tried all possible means to add weight and all their efforts prove abortive but these people in particular dont observe their siesta and sleep less than 7 hours in the night and expect to gain weight. Nay its impossible. i added ten pounds in 2 weeks because i gave myself over to sleep and rest and i added weight. You dont need to buy drug that makes people add weight, Just give yourself some sleep
  •   Sleep Makes Your Face Look Plump And Handsome - oh you wanna be handsome. Then give yourself a good amount of sleep in the day time for at least a month, stare at yourself in a mirror and notice a change in your cheeks and face and gives you a beautiful look.
  •   Sleeping Improves Hair Growth - i tried all possible means to have side beards and i also had hair losses but when the doctor recommended sleep to me, i did and my facial hairs are now improving, including hairs in my hands etc.
Conclusively, sleeping is the best recipe that i could recommend to any one. Thanks.

By Femi Aje

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