Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Have Been Down With Unknown Sickness Since 2014 - Funmi Iyanda Reveals

Award-winning media personality, Funmi Iyanda has revealed she has been down with undisclosed sickness since October 2014.
To some of her fans and friends, it was rather a surprise when the talented TV personality broke the news herself.

In past few months, Ms Iyanda had engaged herself in some activities, shuttling between Nigeria and London.

The single mother of one shared sensational and beautiful photos online, but revealed that she has been very sick, promising to talk about it when she fully recovers.

"It’s been a tough year. I have been ill since October. I’ll talk about it when l fully recover as it may help someone else.

“Being quite sick is not fun, at all. However when your body becomes vulnerable and weak you do find other kinds of strength and clarity. You also find out the truth of your relationships. Some truths are beautiful, others ugly but none bad really, it is what it is. It messes with your mind.

“Taking the decision to cancel jobs, assignments, engagements and opportunities because well, you just can’t work hard on my goal driven ego,” she wrote.

Continuing, she thanked those who have been there for her through the dark moments.

“It was hard to not be able to parent my daughter fully or mother my family as l’ve always done. I refused help because l was the helper. Then something great happened when I let go. I let my daughter help me, l let my family support. I stopped being superwoman. It’s great,” she said.

“I’m a lot better than l was and will definitely recover completely. I’ll tell the story in my own words because then l’ll know what worked. For now, l’m thankful and grateful to the universe, my family, blood/adopted and twitter which kept me entertained in darkest the hours," she concluded.

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