Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PLEASE HELP: My Fiancee Slept With Another Man.

Dear Readers,

I'm into a relationship which is 4yrs old and the lady is someone that i loved so so much and i even introduced her to my parent as the girl i intend to marry and from the way she treats me also, i have this deep feeling that she even loves me more than how i love her but few months ago, I just wish to tease her and i ask her if she has slept with another guy since we started dating and sincerely, i was expecting her to be angry for even asking her such question but to my surprise after asking her several time and promising her not to use it to react to her, she eventually told me that she slept with somone else and her excuse was that it was due to the fact that we actually parted for like 7months which was due to my NYSC program which the distance was far for her to pay me visit. To cut d story short.

I still love her but their is this second thought that comes to mind once in a while what if work has to take me away from her for some months when we get married, hope there will not be a repeat of such? Pls i need a serious minded person to contribute cos the trust i have for her was not like before anymore.


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