Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Almost Slept With A Married Woman, Hope I Did The Right Thing?

Dear Readers,
This might sound untrue or Fictional but it is so True. My name is Kelvin. I stay in Port Harcourt. On a faithful thursday evenin, I went to SPAR (the new PH Mall) to buy somethings. I was in d the company of my then secondary school classmate who is now a doctor. After we did our shopping and we went to pay, I saw dis pwetty lady. She was d cashier. After I paid I gve ha compliments and she blushed soo hard I could evn see ha make ups falling off her face. So I gve ha my card and She promised to call. Later dat evenin she did call.. I askd ha to cme and visit me. And She did. Looking @ dis lady in my room I felt I shld start Ravaging her! After a while, we strted kissing and in a less dan a minute she was unclad. Then I noticed a ring on her hand. I tot it was all dese fancy ladies ring. So I asked, and she was so plain to say she was married. I tot she ws kidn until she brought out her daughters pix from ha bag and showed me to proove it. I lost the urge immediately. I wondered why a married woman would want to cheat on her husband. I asked ha to leave and ofcourse she did.
Note: I would stil have done wateva but I don't sleep with married women! Hell NO!!!
Please guys, I hope I did the right thing..*winks*...

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