Monday, June 29, 2015


Dear Readers,

As I write this confession I am churning inside with confusion. I have had sex with my mother in-law 3 times and have received oral on 2 other occasions. I really hate to have cheated on my wife but I couldn't resist and now I don't know how to stop. It all started on a pretty innocuous little joke. It was a Christmas party at my sister in- laws house and she made a joke about having to move in with us because my father in-law snores.

I said I sleep in the guest bedroom because her daughter snores and she said that's ok we can spoon. And I joked that I don't spoon I fork. That simple. The fork thing became a consistent joke and she started pressing the boundaries by asking me if I wanted to fork when we were eating, etc. Then one night I get a text message at midnight from her asking me what I was doing.

Then one day our texting shifted and she told me that she was horny. Very odd to hear from your mother in-law. I didn't know how to respond so I wrote "I'm always horny. guess it comes with being a man." She responded by asking me how often I had sex. Awkward question considering the fact that she was really asking me how often I had sex with her daughter. I told her I had a healthy sex life.

Then she started asking me what my favorite sex things to do were.

Extremely awkward for me so I threw it back at her by saying "I don't know. What are your favorites?" What she responded with changed my mindset and led to the pathway that I took. She said "I love sucking **** and ************." I was immediately turned on and told her that I loved getting my **** sucked but that her daughter didn't do that much. This led into a very intimate sharing of sexcapades.

One day she texted me at night saying she was ************. I wrote back "Prove It" as a joke and the next message was a text photo of a vibrator stuffed in her vagina. She said

"Can you come over now?" It was 1:00am and my stomach was churning. I asked her why? And she said because she wanted to suck my ****. Without hesitation I said ok.

When I got there I was soooooo nervous. But when I got to the back door and saw that she was in a nightgown and serious I forgot my inhibition. She kissed me on the mouth and said follow me. She took my to the ******* living room and without hesitation sat me on the couch and unzipped my pants. Pulled out my penis, sucked it hard and proceeded to give me an amazing *******. Within 5 minutes I couldn't hold back and I ripped a big load into her mouth . And we got it done.

Crazy situation I'm in now and I don't know how to stop it. It's my wife's mother, my children's grandma and I DONT WISH TO STOP WITH HER


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