Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dear Ladies; How do you cope with a cheating husband?

Dear Readers,

I am positive my story is just one in a hundred similar stories. but I really do need to know how one deals with a husband who constantly cheats regardless.
I have been married for a little over four years. I have two kids. Its the same story of constant cheating in the years we have been married but it took a twist some few days ago. Cheating is almost a norm with men these days. and I took mine as my own cross.
Of course i had prayed, nagged, pleaded, sucked about it. but I had to let live and focus on giving my kids the best of me.

I concluded that if it didnt happen under my nose, then I can pretend it isn't happening and live my life without the threat of high blood pressure because of a man. But what I feared most happened. It happened right beneath my nose.

My husband of four years decided to bring his escapade into the estate where we live. I had been suspecting he had something to do with the sister of one of the residents. i let my fear ride till I got absolute proof they were involved.

What got me so pissed was the fact that he would take the girl in question and her nieces shopping. take out to places where I dint even know he could afford. yet, this is a man that I cant remember the last time he took his family out or bought his kids provision. I was livid! things hadn't being right for us financially for a while and i was supporting him in everyway I could. I work too so I carried a lot of the house running cost thinking he was saving his salary for rent and school fees. it wasn't until the landlord starting calling and the school sent letters home that I knew neither had been paid.
so learning and confirming the one of the girls he runs around with lives right under my nose threw me over the edge.

I went to confront her with the ploy of wanting to buy gas from her sister who she resides with.
when she came out, I asked her if she knew my hubby and why she was hurting a fellow woman so. I expected her to be a remorseful. instead, she ran her mouth. I was shocked she would have the guts to pour insults on me! I thought to myself that the girl is beneath me.I cant stand and trade words with her. but I had to deal with her. fortunately, I had on a solid leather belt. I removed it and before she knew what hit her, I lashed her thoroughly. neighbours came to her rescue and she ran inside the house. naturally, I confronted my hubby when he came back. he denied it and then got angry with me. before I knew it, he got violent.

So now, I got beat up by my hubby because I confronted him and his lover. am lost. sad. hurt. angry. I don't know what to do. to stay or to walk? will I ever get past the hurt I feel now? can I ever forgive him of the humiliation? because I discovered after I confronted and lashed the idiot girl that most neighbours knew. they had seen them together on several occasions.. apparently, I was even the last to know. am just so fed up. why does it have to be this way?

I love this man. I really do. but I am at a crossroad now.

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