Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photos of the killing field were four Nigerians are Executed

The killing field just metres apart from each other with the crosses already in place for each of the doomed drug traffickers
Pictured above is the killing field where four Nigerians spent their last moments alive. The field looks like a makeshift parade ground being readied for a school sports carnival or fete.Sheets of purple tenting material are stretched over a series of four metre high open frames which have been hammered into a patchy stretch of grass in front of a low bank.

The area is known as Limus Buntu which roughly translates as Limus ‘deadlocked’ or dead end.

Crosses for each of the eight prisoners who were to be executed in the early hours of Wednesday morning are in place and a shirtless man is seen working alongside at least five other people on the site.

‘You can also see nine piles of wood that have been installed at the location.The nine piles were laid for nine death row [prisoners] to be executed at midnight tonight,’ one witness said.

The photographs of the kill site emerged on the Indonesian news outlet, which has claimed that the area was a firing range and that Indonesian authorities had arrested people trying to get there.

The photographs reveal the close range – just a few metres apart from each other – in which the condemned drug traffickers found themselves when they were transported to the spot just after midnight on Tuesday, Indonesian time.

Reports following the executions said that between Chan and Sukumaran and the other six men, including one Indonesian and five Nigerians, there was around five metres.

Waiting for a row of eight wooden ‘death seats’ for each condemned man to be put in and secured with cable ties, the scene made for a grisly place of death, with no prisoner able to escape the horror of what was about to happen.

Irish priest Father Charlie Burrows of the Cilacap Catholic church St Stephens was present during the executions and has described how the nine men were tied to the execution chairs with their arms outstretched, in a crucifix formations, while they sang Amazing Grace.

‘They were singing on the crosses and we were in a tent not too far away from the execution place trying to support them,’ Father Burrows said. ‘The Australians seemed to be more or less leading the singing’.

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