Sunday, April 26, 2015

MEN; Things Women Want You To Do During Their Period

Some women undergo mood swings during the ovulation period. Psychiatrist Dr. Anshu Kulkarni says general malice, sadness or happiness without reason is common too.

What to do

Do the dates you’ve been avoiding: Watch that romantic movie while snuggled in bed with her, if she tells you to. Take her out for dinner at her favourite restaurant, hold doors and pull out chairs for her. But try not to be obvious or imposing about it.

Be the guinea pig:
Clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist, Dr Deepali S Ajinkya says,”Keep in mind that it is the physiological and hormonal changes that she is going through that is making her act out of her element.” So try out the new dishes she might cook during these days. Wear that shirt at the back of your closet that you know she likes a lot. If she moves the furniture in the drawing room, let her.

Get her chocolates: If you ever find yourself in the situation of arguing with a woman who is PMSing, be sure to have a piece of chocolate on hand. Research shows that chocolate intake enhances the expression of MKP in the trigeminal ganglion that lowers the level of inflammatory chemicals, suppressing the symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Show sympathy: A woman, whether PMSing or not, simply wants to be assured of the fact that her significant other gets her. All she needs you to do is nod your head and say, ‘Yes honey, I understand’. Ajinkya says, assuring your spouse of your presence is all that is needed. If you stand there and offer advice on how to change her mood, it will take you a while to get back in her good books.

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