Thursday, April 30, 2015

Many Challenges Have Threatened The Change I Promised Nigerians - Buhari

Nigeria's president-elect on Wednesday said that decline in oil price is a threat to the change he promised Nigerians.

Buhari made the comment during the induction of incumbent lawmakers. He said, ''Distinguished Elected Members of the 8th National Assembly, we are all aware of the challenges our dear nation has been facing and will continue to do so in the near future. These daunting challenges include: General insecurity and insurgency that has caused extreme human hardship and destruction of lives, livelihoods that may take us over a decade to rebuild across most of North Eastern Nigeria and some parts of North western Nigeria.

''Devastation and environmental degradation in the Niger Delta area which must be attended to.

''Decline in revenues due to fall in oil prices which poses a threat to Government’s capacity to deliver on reconstruction of devastated areas and the new government development agenda''.

Do you think Buhari will deliver Change to Nigerians?

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