Friday, April 24, 2015

GUYS; 8 Ways Ladies Act When They Want You To Ask Them Out

Ladies in our world gives stylish green signals in order to make guys toast them which are;


A radiant face is pleasing to watch and send positive signal of your approval for discussion. Some ladies smile can make a hungry and angry man happy. This is exactly what give guys the encouragement to strike a conversation.

Hard to Get Mechanism

This method is common among ladies. Just like Banky's W song on "Will you be my Lover, Yes or No? ". They will neither say Yes nor No. They are nice today and cruel tomorrow. They do this in order for guys not to take them for granted neither put them off.

Initiate a conversation

A bold lady initiate a conversation discussing issues vital in a guy's life. They do this in order for the guy to pick interest in them.

Stalk on you

In classrooms, Offices, churches and other places, such set of ladies stylishly stalk on the guy with the hope he will notice them. Hitherto, the way ladies stylishly stalk guys is so professional that it become irresistible to overcome their advances.

They stylishly open their laps and cleavage

Over exposing laps and boobs will term a lady prostitute. Because ladies understand this mentality in guys, they stylishly open their laps and cleavage when they sit beside their crush by wearing short skirt and a bit open blouse.

Frequent calls

They call frequently to check on him even when they is nothing to discussed on. She finds it amazing and happy just to hear his voice

Spray their body with perfume several times

A soothing deodorant send a provoking neurone in your brain when perceive. Therefore, since ladies are known for carrying kits of manicure, perfumes, etc. They quickly make up and apply perfume just to attract her crush despite d fact that she applied it few minutes ago.

They pay for your his T fare

In a public transport, they pay for your his T fare in order to gain your attention.

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