Monday, March 30, 2015

LADIES; 10 Disgusting Things Guys Do Because Of Sex

In recent time, sex has become overrated and that's why we hear unprintable stories, disgusting and ridiculous things guys do just to get under the skirt of a lady

I don't like wasting people's time. Here we go

10 Disgusting Things Guys Do Because Of Sex

1. Risk of Life

Some desperate dudes wouldn't mind risking their lives just to satisfy their sexual urge for intimacy, especially when a lady has assured them of sex

It's pure abnormality for a dude to travel by road for almost 48 hours (Lagos to Maduguri) just to see a lady he barely knows who has assured him of sex at arrival. Isn't that crazy ?

Some desperate niqqas can even use their school fees to book flight especially when she has assured them of sex at arrival

2. Passing The Night At Her Place When Her Parents Are Not Around

I can never forget what happened to a fellow friend. His gf invited him over to her place to pass the night (guys you know what that means na ) because her parents went for wakefulness overnight prayers and unfortunately for him, the girl's parents returned earlier than expected and my friend was caught red-handed. The man locked the door till dawn, called the police to get him arrested and a rape charge was brought against him. Hahaha (This is no joke at all)

3. Informing All Their Friends They Wanna Straff

Some dudes will inform their friends and show them the porous part of the door where they can peep through just to have a clear and the eediots will stand peeping through the door when the deed is going on. Hahaha

4. Disturbing Neighbours With Loud Music
Hahahaha !!! Many are guilty of this. They will tune their deck or home theatre to the loudest volume because they don't want their neighbours to hear her voice when she's moaning

5. Giving What They Cannot Afford To Lose

Not every dude that gives money to ladies does it out of his kind gesture, many however do this because they feel it will give entrance to her kitty-cat. I could recall when a dude came to me seeking advice just because he bought an expensive phone for a lady and the lady dumped him in a wink exactly a week later. He asked me if it was proper he collected the phone back. Why buy what you cannot afford to lose?

6. Placing Ladies Over Their Friends

I have a friend who can ridicule his friends in the presence of ladies, in fact, this dude can order 500 guys out of his house the moment a lady he invited for straffing comes

7. Taking Condoms Everywhere

I have heard the story of a young dude who wanted to give an offering and a pack of condom fell to the ground during church service. Many dudes take condoms everywhere in case of necessity, it's good though but it's not something one should be proud of

8. Cohabiting

Personally, I have no atom of regard for students who live together just for sexual relationship. More reasons why many guys cohabit is just to relief their konji without stress and struggle. Many end up with poor grades at the end of the semester/session and they blame it on lecturers

9. Intake Of Alcoholic Drink

It's funny some dudes get high on alomo, osomo, jedi or weed without minding the health implications just because they want to show bedmatics superiority over a lady. I no know when sex become Olympics oooo

10. Using Their Friend's Parents' House As Hotel

This is so disgusting. Why on earth would a dude take a lady to his friend's parents" house just to get her laid. I have seen people doing it and I consider guys who allow their friends do that as guys who have no atom of regard for their parents

I drop my pen at this point

Written by : Tosyne2much

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