Friday, February 20, 2015

I will never and can never marry an actress - Odunlade Adekola

Odulade Adekola is no doubt a talented actor who became a delight some years ago as he has continued to adeptly interpret his numerous roles.

He recently shared the reason fellow colleagues would prefer to marry a spouse outside of the world of acting. He said the stress of both husband and wife being actors would affect the marriage and family.

He said, "I would say no, due to the nature of our job, acting is a time-taking career. It requires more time every now and then. It would not be easy for me to travel down to locations for a number of days and at the same time, the producer invites my wife. Who will take care of my children and the family at large? I will never and can never marry an actress.

"Though I believe god has His own plan for an individual. If He wishes me to get married to an actress then it would have worked out. But, I’m already married to the bone of my bone, so the case is closed."

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