Monday, February 23, 2015

GUYS; Ways To Satisfy Your Woman Even With Small Pen'is (LOOK)

Research shows that many men believe that their pen is is smaller than normal when they actually have a normal siz ed pen is.

The famous s exuality researchers, Masters and Johnson, say that pen is size has no physical effect on female s exual satisfaction.

The most important thing in s exual satisfaction for women is orga sm. “Usually when women complain about a small pen is, it’s also that they’re not having orga sms.” Large pen ises don’t equal an instant orga sm. In fact, pen is siz es that skew large can deter women’s orga sms, and it wouldn’t be top in their priorities.

Women in various studies reported that pen is WIDTH was more important for their s exual satisfaction than pen is LENGTH. The question is whether these results are statistically significant?

Well, the truth is that while some partners may enjoy larger-sized men, the pen is size in and of itself is generally not the key to s exual satisfaction. Here are some facts with female s*exual satisfaction, which could be achieved by even a small pen is:

For many women, the clito ris plays a primary role in orga sm ability, as does the area around and just inside the va gi nal opening, which is full of nerve endings. As a result, grinding during in terco urse and other types of external st imu lation (such as hand or o ral stim ulati on of a partner’s ge nitals) are generally equally, if not more, satisfying than deep penetration. Women who enjoy G-sp ot s timul ation also benefit from more sha llow stim ulat ion.

Ultimately, enjoyable s ex is a fu nction of int ima cy, the connection between two partners and the many other inta ngi bles that make s ex meaningful. We all need to work with what we have and men of all shapes and siz es can do plenty to learn to satisfy and ple asure their partner.

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