Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why I Visited Babangida - President Jonathan Reveals

President Jonathan made a surprise visit to the former military head of state at his home in Minna and he explained to Nigerians why it was necessary for him to make such visit.

According to The Cable reports, Nigeria's former military president Ibrahim Babangida has declared that well meaning Nigerians will vote for President Goodluck Jonathan come 2015.

Speaking at his home in Minna on Saturday after he received Jonathan, IBB said: “What I will say is simple: the president means well for this country and he is working well for this country. Anybody who means well for this country should support the President to make sure that Nigeria survives as a united country,” he said.

Jonathan, who described his meeting with Babangida as “fruitful”, said he visited the former military leader because he just returned from a medical trip abroad.

“Of course, you know that this is the end of the year. Within this period, people pay visits. So I have come to visit him. You know he just came back from a hospital abroad, not too long ago. Since he came back, we have not seen. I need to see my father to know how he is feeling. I am quite pleased the way I have seen him.

“Of course, you all know that as a nation, we are facing challenges: security challenges all over, not just in the north. Yes, Boko Haram in the north. The south is not safe from commercial kidnapping and robbery.

“He is one of our experienced leaders. As somebody who is sitting where he was before, I need to see them from time to time to listen to their suggestions. That is one of the areas how we can collectively move the country forward and ensure that Nigerians live in peace.

“That is the key thing and I am quite pleased that we had fruitful discussion,” he said.

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