Thursday, December 25, 2014

Under Age Female Suicide Bomber Arrested Near Kano Market

Nigerian security operatives yesterday afternoon arrested an under-aged girl in old Kano city with explosives attached to her body.
Miss Zahra'u Babban Gida was strapped with explosive vest.

Alhaji Tashid Aderile Shinaba, the Kano Police Commissioner confirmed that officers arrested the girl based on suspicion of her movements opposite the Kantin-Kwari textile market.

We are appealing to Northern Elders, Religious and political leaders to as a matter of urgency to try and stop this new trend of using innocent children as walking Bombs.
These leaders pooled their energy and related resource in taking power from the South by all means in 2015 and forgetting that the increasing rate of children suicide bombers will surely sink the entire North, if not checked mated now.

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