Friday, September 26, 2014

MADNESS? This Bride Took her Wedding Dress to the Next Level

Having the world’s longest train for their wedding dress is presumably not what most women have in mind. Just check out Jing Mei's wedding dress.

Her wedding in China was made more of an event when the bride turned up to the official photography shoot with her dress train stretching almost 3,000m behind her. Jing is hoping to have it verified as the longest in the world by the Guinness World Records. Jing Mei told journalists:
“It started off as a mad idea and then we thought we could actually make it happen. We’re both delighted with the result and we are definitely going to contact Guinness World Records to get them to agree that this is an official record breaking dress.

The 3-mile-long train weighs 50kg. Jing's fiancé, Yuan also revealed the dress cost the couple £4,000, approximately a year’s wages for the average Chinese worker, adding: ‘It is her day, so what she says goes.’

To get anywhere, Jing needs the help of 40 bridesmaids. This is certainly not going to be a low-maintenance wedding. See more photos below...

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